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Haggai Institute


The Haggai Institute training is not an MBA program or a course in theology. It focuses on personal transformation and the acquisition of essential skills for sharing the Gospel. This is accomplished through professional mentoring and interaction with a small, international peer group.


Qualifying leaders attend a Haggai Institute international session at our Mid-Pacific Training Center, or at various locations in Asia, China, and the Middle East. At the heart of the curriculum is the biblical mandate to reach the world for Christ. We teach excellence, organization, innovation, goal-setting, and integrity. We also equip our leaders to generate reliable local funding, thus reducing the dependence of local ministries on overseas aid.


In a typical session, up to 30 leaders from perhaps a dozen or more different nations will convene under the guidance of our international faculty. Sessions last from 15 to 30 days, and we run separate sessions for men and women. Our faculty members are all highly-qualified alumni, with recent experience of communicating Christ within their cultures. Similarly, our sessions do not impose Western ways of thinking. Instead, faculty members develop their own course materials within Haggai Institute guidelines.


Our teaching style is highly-intensive and interactive, enabling leaders to find personalized ways of communicating the Gospel in complex and sometimes hostile environments. Much of the learning happens through peer-to-peer discussions outside the classroom. Typically, the bond of friendship formed during sessions endures as a support network once leaders graduate. Every session ends with a strategic planning exercise, helping leaders define specific goals to be implemented as soon as they return home.