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Area Ministries

Topics: Area Ministries, Local Ministries

Often, InFaith field staff works in a specific area, leading whatever ministries are most effective on that field. An area ministries staff member may travel many miles and work in several types of ministry, for example, leading after-school Bible clubs for children, serving as an itinerant pastor, and working in prison ministry.

To learn where you can serve in area ministries, contact the Home Office.



Topics: Christian Camping, Local Ministries

Christian camping offers children, youth, and adults a block of time away from their daily surroundings and routines, time when they tend to be more able to connect with God. By providing fun activities and caring staff at a low cost, InFaith camps have the opportunity to demonstrate Christianity in action and teach God’s Word to campers.


Camping has been a vital part of our ministry since the 1920s. Each year, thousands of campers meet Christ and grow closer to him at year-round camps owned by the mission and single weeks of ministry at rented campgrounds.


InFaith offers special conferences and educational resources to field staffers who lead camps through the national camping ministry led by InFaith missionary Jeff Moritz, who grew up in our mission’s camps. As current director of Fir Point Bible Camp in Oregon, Jeff uses his knowledge and experience on the field. As director of camping ministries, he shares resources with and encourages networking among InFaith field staffers involved in camping ministries. By encouraging each other and sharing ideas for exciting camping programs, InFaith camp staffs are able to improve their camps and see even more lives changed as campers continue to turn to Christ.

To find out how you can get involved in InFaith camping ministries, contact the Home Office.


Bible Studies & Discipleship Ministries

Topics: Bible Studies & Discipleship Ministries, Local Ministries

InFaith recognizes that a confession of faith is simply the beginning of a relationship with God. To encourage others to live a life of faith by growing closer to Jesus and becoming more like Him, we lead Bible studies for people of all ages in churches and communities, mentor new believers, and train future leaders.

To find out how you can disciple others as a member of InFaith’s field staff, contact the Home Office.


Children’s Ministries

Topics: Children’s Ministries, Local Ministries

After-school Bible clubs at churches, community centers, and apartment complexes; released-time classes; Vacation Bible Schools; and camps – all are tools InFaith uses to nurture faith in the youngest generation of Americans.

Director of Children’s Ministry Resources Brett Belleque collects and provides resources for children’s ministry leaders through InFaith Kids, which aims to educate, equip, and encourage those who work in children’s ministry. Through newsletters and a Facebook page, InFaith Kids provides links to quality resources and tips for nurturing children toward a healthy relationship with God.

An interactive kids’ website to help InFaith and other ministries disciple children is in the

works. In the meantime, you can sign up for the InFaith Kids newsletter or keep up with InFaith Kids on Facebook.

To find out how you can lead children’s ministry through InFaith, contact the Home Office.



Topics: Local Ministries, Pastorates

InFaith field staff members serve as pastors of churches around the country, often small churches that cannot afford a full-time pastor or churches that need interim pastors. These pastors are drawing people to Christ, teaching God’s Word, and encouraging others to serve their communities in practical ways.

To find out how you can become an InFaith pastor, contact the Home Office.


Intercultural Ministries

Topics: Intercultural Ministries, Local Ministries

The people of many nations, languages, and cultures live and work within the borders of the United States. InFaith field staff members are building relationships with people from different ethnic groups, living out their faith and finding ways to communicate God’s love in culturally relevant terms. Often, people who meet Christ through InFaith ministries return to their home countries and begin new ministries among their friends and family there.

To find out how you can serve interculturally with InFaith, contact the Home Office.

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