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Welcome to Noah’s Ark Preschool

2600 Stoltz Hill Road Lebanon, OR


Noah’s Ark is a small Christian school that offers preschool and pre Kindergarten classes to families of children ages three, four and five years old.


For a tour or more info please contact Miss Joy at 541 570-9117 or email


Bright Beginnings: Preschool Program 2 or 3 days.


This class is for children ages three & four years old. The teacher often works with children one on one. This may be a child’s first classroom experience and the child will increase their listening skills, ability to follow directions and learn how to make and keep friends.

Class days will be filled with finger painting, puzzles, glitter & glue, music, science, story time and so much more.


Happy Day Express: Pre Kindergarten 2 or 3 day program


This class is for children who are four years old and planning to go to Kindergarten the following year. The teacher works with children in group settings that focus on reading readiness, premath skills, pre writing, music, art, science and learn how to get their needs met in a classroom setting. These skills are acquired through fun, interactive methods.


How we learn:

A child learns best when they are engaged mentally and emotionally.

We create lesson plans that are fun and capture a child’s attention. We want the child to feel successful in their first school setting and gain a love of learning.


When we paint or draw we are learning skills to write.

When we work with blocks or puzzles we are learning math skills.

When we cut & paste we are increasing fine motor skills.

When we recite nursery rhymes and poems we are learning reading skills.

When we play games we are learning to listen and follow directions.

When we help clean up we are learning to be responsible.

When we play make believe we are finding out how to be a friend.

When we hear Bible Stories we are learning of God’s love and provision.


Our parents will receive  a Theme of the Month Hand Out. This will describe activities and curriculum the children will experience. This helps to start conversations about their school day.