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Questions you might have...


What happens on Sunday mornings?

Corporate Prayer begins at 9:30 on 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings. 

All age groups are invited to gather together to bring our prayer requests to our Lord. This time of prayer is led by Pastor Jonas. 

Church service begins at 10:30 with worship.

Children (through age 10) are dismissed to children's church when sermon begins.

Church is dismissed at noon.


What about my children?

Community Bible has families with young children.

Parents accompany children to children's church and check them in.

Parents are welcome to stay with their children until they are settled.

Parents are also welcome to keep children of all ages with them in the main service.  


What should I wear?

We are far more interested in having you come join us at church than we are in what you are wearing! There is a variety of dress on Sunday mornings at Community Bible. You will see some in jeans and t-shirts and some in dresses or slacks. Most attenders wear dressy casual clothes.


Do I need to bring money?

No. We do not pass an offering plate. We have a donation box on the back wall.

This offering is intended for members of our church to worship Christ through tithing.

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